“Just over 4 years ago, my daughters and I began taking karate classes at Villari’s Self-Defense Center. At ages 4 and 5, my girls wanted to take classes and earn new belts because I had started classes a few months prior and was excited to have moved up two ranks. They were quiet and reserved at first, but quickly felt at ease with VSDC’s staff and the other students.

In the past 4 years, the girls have made friends with other students and have gained a great deal of confidence that may not have existed otherwise without karate.

I highly recommend Villari’s Self-Defense Center’s classes for adults and children of all ages. It helps with coordination, memory, concentration, and many other aspects of exercise and health as well as self esteem.”

Kerry G.

“With the guidance and careful instruction at Villari’s Self-Defense Center, I’ve been able to get back into shape quickly, learn to defend myself, and explore the culture of the martial arts. Going to class is a highlight of my week!”

Will W.

“Our family has been part of the Villari’s Self-Defense Center family for about a year. From the very beginning we have felt welcome and part of the community. We were driven to go to Villari’s from other people who had gone there and loved it. We were looking for a place for my son to practice, focus, discipline, agility and body control.

Since we have begun going to Villari’s my son has become stronger in all of these areas – inside and outside of the dojo. Master Troy and his staff work patiently with the students one on one and in a small group at their individual skill levels. They take each child from where they are to what they can become. My son has gained confidence and skills while having fun!

I know I made the right choice by sending him to Villari’s Self-Defense Center. “

Kate S.

“My son began karate classes at Villari’s Self-Defense Center a little over a month ago, and in that short time, he has made outstanding gains, both in and outside of the dojo. As a kiddo who has struggled socially, his progress with his peers and his confidence have been recognized not only by VSDC’s amazing staff, but also by his teachers, therapist, and family. Karate has become a place where my son can shine and my husband and I are so thankful for this. The staff at VSDC work hard to instill ethics, morals, and core values for these young boys and girls.

Carrie L

  • Why YOU Should Choose Villari’s for Fitness, Exercise and Self-Defense

    • Over 40 years of experience training tots, children, teens and adults in the Martial Arts.
    • You will learn, train and work out at your own pace and level.
    • Our instructors are experienced, friendly Black Belts.
    • Convenient class days and times to fit your schedule.
    • We foster defensive abilities, rather than aggressive techniques.
    • You can choose either group or private lessons.
    • Karate is surprisingly affordable. We offer a risk-free trial.
    • You can cancel any time. No contracts ever required.
    • Regional and national tournaments let you compete with peers and share your interests.
    • You can choose to work towards an advanced Martial Arts rank...or just have fun.