5 Rules of the School

EFFORT putting forth an exertion of strength or power, physically or mentally; to try your best.
ETIQUETTE the rules of correct behavior in society or among members of a profession; to have good manners, say please and thank you.
CHARACTER all the qualities that make a person who he or she is and different from others; to be yourself.
SINCERITY honesty of mind or intention; to be honest and truthful.
SELF-CONTROL control over one’s own impulses, emotions or acts; to control your actions and thoughts at all times.

  • Why YOU Should Choose Villari’s for Fitness, Exercise and Self-Defense

    • Over 40 years of experience training tots, children, teens and adults in the Martial Arts.
    • You will learn, train and work out at your own pace and level.
    • Our instructors are experienced, friendly Black Belts.
    • Convenient class days and times to fit your schedule.
    • We foster defensive abilities, rather than aggressive techniques.
    • You can choose either group or private lessons.
    • Karate is surprisingly affordable. We offer a risk-free trial.
    • You can cancel any time. No contracts ever required.
    • Regional and national tournaments let you compete with peers and share your interests.
    • You can choose to work towards an advanced Martial Arts rank...or just have fun.